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Digital Transformation

We help companies seize new opportunities through unmatched digital technology capabilities.

Digital Transformation

With technology breakthroughs and rising consumer preferences, the world is changing quickly. To work smarter and faster, businesses require agile and intuitive processes. Indeed, a wake-up call to digitally evolve to exceed the competition in your market. A well-thought-out digital transformation program can help your company stand out.

i3 infotek is a part of MSRcosmos Group company that pioneers in digital transformation services.

We help you change and reinvent your commercial enterprise by leveraging our broad knowledge in digital technologies such as cloud, data & AI, and intelligent automation. Whether it is legacy modernization, application modernization, data transformation, or process automation, our digital transformation service capabilities cover every aspect of your business concerns.

We assist you with

  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Digital transformation strategy and blueprinting
  • Cloud Implementation, migration, and transformation
  • AI and Data Analytics
  • Intelligent automation

With i3 infotek, businesses can achieve digital transformation goals while providing an exceptional customer experience. Contact our specialists right away.

Our four service pillars for Digital Transformation


Using Cloud, you can make your data and applications more secure, scalable, compliant, and flexible. Our services include cloud roadmap assessments, migration, transformation, managed services, and more. We use the full power of the cloud by partnering with the best cloud service providers. From cloud adoption to full optimization, our end-to-end services enable innovation, streamlined operations, and digital success.

Data Analytics & AI

Empower your organization to stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making. We have mastered the science of data analysis, providing you with meaningful insights that fuel informed and accurate choices. Our advanced AI (Generative AI) and predictive analytics capabilities enable early predictions and scenario sketches, giving you a clear advantage in making well-informed business decisions. By fostering a data-driven culture within your ecosystem, we facilitate seamless integration of data and analytics into your processes, enabling you to unlock untapped potential and achieve greater success in the digital landscape.


Reduce human labor and errors by automating tedious tasks. Obtain data and updates in real-time from IoT devices and keep records without manual feeding. Based on our analysis, we will provide a contextual solution strategy that best meets your organization’s goals and will help you achieve full automation across all processes. Our intelligent automation services cover the whole scope of a business, helping to improve workflows and adapt to changing conditions.

Application Modernization

Transform and modernize your legacy applications with our comprehensive application modernization services. We specialize in transforming legacy systems into efficient, scalable, and cloud-native solutions, ensuring seamless integration and improved performance. Our expert team leverages cutting-edge technologies and best practices to modernize your applications, enhancing user experiences, reducing maintenance costs, and driving digital innovation. Get future ready today.

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