Patient – tech Interface

Diagnosis, alerts, virtual care, medical imaging, and much more

What to know

Analytics and AI can help improve the effectiveness of patient-technology interfaces.

How we can help

  • Capture real-time data from wearables and deduce meaningful insights by employing AI, Machine Learning, and big data techniques.
  • Use advanced analytical models to measure variations in patient's health, detect disorders or disconcerting symptoms, and predict possible health consequences, allowing for timely and accurate medical treatment.
  • Help healthcare providers to conduct expedient assessments and reach more accurate diagnoses for their patients by using data science algorithms, including Deep Learning, while processing clinical and laboratory information.
Medical Image Analysis:
  • Apply Deep Learning techniques to medical images for improved interpretation and accelerated identification of disease states.
  • Facilitate big data toolkits for medical professionals for comparing candidate /patient images to thousands – sometimes millions – of reference scans in a matter of minutes, thereby considerably improving the likelihood of identification.