Competitive and Regulatory Intelligence

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What to Know

Market conditions and your company’s strategy for launching a drug are well-informed by similar products under development by key competitors. Knowing the current position in the pipeline of a competitor product, for example, can be useful in creating your ideal timeline. Understanding clinical information and how it applies to specific markets is also valuable to your strategy.

Hiring an expert who specializes in compiling, interpreting, and acting on this type of intelligence can be a vital part of a successful launch.

How We Can Help

  • Compile strategic information (industry/competitive) to aid in the development process
  • Prepare creative regulatory strategy that promotes on-time, on-budget product development
  • Liaise and report to regulators and stakeholders on intelligence findings
  • Outline requirements with actions for strategy execution
  • Identify precedents within specific countries or regions that resulted in regulatory action
  • Regulatory-action prevention planning through public data, previous launch experiences, and subscriber channel information
  • Potential business impact intelligence reporting