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What to Know

The Case Report Form, or CRF, is more than just a questionnaire. Your clinical study protocols should drive how your CRF is designed. The primary purpose of your clinical trial CRF is to create a standardized response form and consistency in data. Not only does a capable CRF preserve the integrity of incoming data, but it also protects and maintains quality.

Many CRF designs are now in digital form (electronic CRF or “eCRFS”), although paper forms also remain common. Regardless of whether a paper CRF or eCRF is distributed, it should simplify the data analysis process. Investigators, site coordinators, monitors, data entry technicians, statisticians, and medical coding clerks rely on CRFs for diverse needs according to each role within the data management work phase.

How We Can Help

  • Our consultants can lead or support with optimal data input and design for CRF and eCRF forms.