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What to Know

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) Programming is the science of how all data generated by an organization is accessed, used, stored, governed, shared, and integrated. It is as much a science on its own as that of the medicine being developed.

SAS programming enables the technology we use in the life sciences industry to keep pace with the data outputs needed for regulatory approvals.

SAS programmers are an advanced and specialized sector of IT expertise. Our SAS consultants are further specialized in programming for life sciences and pharma industry regulatory compliance.

How We Can Help

I3 Infotek’s statistical programmers can develop, validate, and document using GCP applied with your organization's SOPs. We can:

  • Transform indecipherable data into relevant findings for decision-making
  • Protect and secure data across all channels to ensure privacy and integrity
  • Design and implement data pathways that lead to increased patient safety
  • Create responsive programming to expedite the journey to market
  • Analyze and assemble data to prove drug efficacy