Regional Monitors

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What to Know

As your drug development timeline progresses, technology takes center stage. Regional monitors are fluent in managing pharmaceutical development for regional compliance. They are key players in comprehensive relationship building, bringing the right clinical studies and key experts together.

State-of-the-art data processing offers the most advanced analysis during clinical trials. Superior database management helps you gain faster data access and higher quality data that supports improved patient safety.

How We Can Help

I3 Infotek has world-class, regionally-based monitors who are experienced in a wide range of therapeutic specialties (incl. chronic disease and oncology). Our clinical research consultants can offer strict clinical trial oversight and monitoring, including:

  • Technology implementation and data management
  • Provide clinical trial monitoring teams
  • Act as all-team point of contact
  • Data quality improvement
  • Faster database securing
  • Manage workflow with investigator site support
  • Data integrity assurance and monitoring
  • Subject safety monitoring
  • Clinical trial metrics management
  • Early issue resolution during clinical trials