Clinical Data Analysis and Coordination

Like detective work on your clinical trial

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What to Know

The clinical trial journey builds a road paved with millions of pieces of data. The proofs of your therapeutic drug are only as good as the data gathered, and how well it is entered, catalogued, and analyzed. Your information technology set-up plays a significant role in protecting the integrity of the data.

A world-class data coordination and analytics team provides the assurance and security that all incoming data is processed according to best practices. It may seem acceptable to assign this labor-intensive body of work to others already working on the project; but that is a risk.

Experienced analysts and coordinators protect, preserve, and promote success. I3 Infotek has the right clinical consultants to guide you.

How We Can Help

  • Support or lead all clinical trial data management activities
  • Oversee data entry procedures
  • Perform regular checks to ensure data handling compliance
  • Prepare data reporting workflows
  • Support or lead clinical trial design
  • Support investigators throughout trials
  • Prepare and submit required data reports