Clinical Data

Writing the scripts for medical miracles

Gather Data that Delivers

Clinical data is the foundation of your entire drug development journey. What you collect and how you ask for input is a precise discipline. Get the expertise you need from I3 Infotek.

Prepare Your Data to Perform

From digital data and electronic medical records to paper questionnaires, data entry and database management must be planned and executed to meet many different needs for many roles.

Protect Data for the Long Run

The data you acquire does not end with clinical trials. Yet, the earliest data entered may be needed again, years down the road. Expert guidance on the right technology for you is key.

How We Can Help

Clinical Data Management

There are design and annotation functions, data entry and validation, extraction of data, and access management tasks to be completed. Periodic reviews must also be performed to ensure ongoing compliance.

Clinical Project Management

The regulatory submissions required during all phases of clinical data collection, trials, and monitoring are many. Managing the volume of technically and clinically demanding tasks requires an experienced and clinically trained project manager. Provide project management for all clinical phases


Pharmaceutical product development requires advanced biostatistics support. The responsibilities of a bio-statistician include data analysis related to the targeted medical condition treated by your drug. This area of work calculates incidence rates and risks among defined demographic groups and conditions.

Regional Monitors

As your drug development timeline progresses, technology takes center stage. Regional monitors are fluent in managing pharmaceutical development for regional compliance. They are key players in comprehensive relationship building, bringing the right clinical studies and key experts together.

Clinical Scientists

When it is time to design and conduct clinical trials, your clinical scientists and investigators hold the future of your product in their hands. The clinical scientists will direct the findings and outcomes of the trials.

Clinical Study Assistance

Clinical study assistance is a fast-growing area of expertise. Think of it as a hybrid of project management, clinical coordination, clinical program management, and data management.

Clinical Data Analysis and Coordination

A world-class data coordination and analytics team provides the assurance and security that all incoming data is processed according to best practices.I3 Infotek has the right clinical consultants to guide you.

SAS Programming

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) Programming is the science of how all data generated by an organization is accessed, used, stored, governed, shared, and integrated. SAS programmers are an advanced used, stored, governed.