You Need a Trusted Pharma Partner.

I3infotek provides world-class support to the pharmaceutical industry. We work with major and start-up drug manufacturers around the world. We are trusted for accurate, high quality, cost-effective expertise.

You Require Trending Knowledge.

We continuously invest in training, research, and technology so that we are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry. I3 Infotek consultants are dedicated experts, leading the way in their fields.

Pharma Projects Are One of a Kind. So Are We.

From small projects to major, I3 Infotek can deliver a wide range of expertise. We stand behind every solution we deliver. You can look to us as your end-to-end regulatory compliance partner.

How We Can Help

Regulatory Affairs

Data compilation and statistical reporting are some of the reasons that the drug development process is so rigorous. Yet, all necessary to get the drug to market.

Clinical Data

It's all about the data. What data is gathered, how it is gathered, how it is entered into the digital records, and how it is interpreted and processed.

Clinical Trials

You’ve invested billions of dollars and years of research and chemical engineering to develop a drug. Our biochemists and researchers specialize in Phase 1 safety and tolerability, MTD, PK, PD, assays and more.


Every drug safety initiative and activity you perform must be precisely planned and executed. We can help you coordinate, strategize and manage this broad category of work.