SCAR Supplier Corrective Action Report

Nonconformance doesn't have to be a crisis

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What To Know

Supplier Corrective Action Report or SCAR preparation is a meticulous and technical process. I3 Infotek compliance documentation specialists can manage all aspects of a potential or confirmed supplier failure. We know what is required to get production back on track.

If a supplier is showing multiple defects, it may be time to issue a SCAR. The SCAR puts the supplier on notice and acknowledges that the issue is serious enough that all parties need to take formal steps to resolve and record all steps taken to rectify the issue. A pre-SCAR investigation with a qualified engineer checking your internal design files is wise—the source of the anomaly could be a design specification error to be corrected in-house.

How We Can Help

The right expert can help you plan or expedite the resolution of a challenge. I3 experts routinely perform complex nonconformance activities such as:

  • Develop, update, and maintains quality standards and protocols for the fabrication
  • Work with engineering and manufacturing to ensure quality standards are in place
  • Create and implement programs for inspection, evaluation and testing tolerances and accuracy of products and production equipment
  • Direct or design inspection and testing activities
  • Conduct quality assurance tests
  • Use statistical analysis to determine the responsibility for products or materials that fail to meet required standards and specifications
  • Assess the cost of product or component production failures
  • Ensure that corrective measures meet reliability standards
  • Prepare or review SCAR documentation, reporting and follow up
  •  On-site manufacturing oversight and analysis