FAI First Article Inspection

From first run to approval won! Consider it done.

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What To Know

First Article Inspection (FAI) is part of the design verification and validation process. Supplier quality engineers work with design engineers to ensure that a potential supplier is capable of continuous production and meeting design specifications. The supplier must develop the necessary tooling and manufacturing capabilities to meet your requirements.

Before production begins, the supplier will produce a small batch of components, the "first run" samples. A FAI will be conducted on these components. The FAI analyzes all features of the components to ensure that all 'critical to quality' (CtQ) specifications are met.

Depending on the criticality of the part, a go/no-go decision is passed down to the supplier for production approval. Once engaged, new FAIs would be required for tooling or process changes. These practices  ensure ongoing production quality and accuracy.

How We Can Help

When you partner with I3 Infotek, our engineers can take on FAI responsibilities, including:

  • Supplier Quality Engineering support to perform FAI planning and execution
  • Define FAI plans based on part drawings and specifications
  • Send plans to Suppliers and discuss associated costs and timelines associated with submissions
  • Execution of FAIs (review of samples, inspection data, component qualifications, material disposition) based on inspection results
  • Review FAI data, test reports and determine disposition
  • Upload all data reporting  into Matrix-One software
  • Review and evaluate designs to identify alternative design solutions
  • Support and provide insight into qualification and validation activities
  • Effectively and efficiently work with all engineering teams
  • Work with Suppliers and Engineering on FAI discrepancies
  • Provide regular status updates for all assigned projects
  • Support special projects as needed