Product Development Engineer

Designation: Engineer

Location: USA

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree


  • Install and maintain all DBMS and related software.
  • Establish and maintain all DBMS operating environments (UAT, Production and COB) on hosts/servers in TI Data      Centers.
  • Establish and document DBMS operating standards and procedures. 
  • Establish and maintain physical backup and recovery processes for all DBMS environments. 
  • Recover DBMS subsystem and support database recovery at the contingency site. 
  • Research and resolve DBMS system problems and assist in the resolution of application problems. 
  • Establish DBMS system security standards and support Security Administration in maintaining access controls.
  • Monitor performance and tune all DBMS subsystems. Support application performance review and tuning efforts. 
  • Provide 24 / 7 Database Hotline support for production systems.
  • To check and ensure appropriate OS patch levels are applied on the hosts 
  • To analyze system software requirements and provide the SA team with file system size information.
  • To upgrade DBMS software and apply patches, as per the corporate standards 
  • To maintain and standardize documents for setting up new and existing servers
  • To apply configuration changes from UAT to PROD/COB servers 
  • To fine tune configurations based on system load, response needs and inputs from app DBAs 
  • To process STRs/SIRs related to infrastructures changes and problems. 
  • To provide weekend support, whenever pre-scheduled off business hour work, is being performed
  • To provide database recovery support for various database disasters 
  • To maintain active COB (Continuity of Business) server on a different host
  • To manage database space  
  • To resolve errors and system warnings/messages 
  • To monitor production server resources performance 
  • To work with vendors as necessary on problems 
  • Responsible for configuring and scheduling physical database backups using certified scheduling agent with proper        escalation details
Bachelor’s Degree required in Computer Science/ Engineering.

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