IP TV Developer

Designation: Developer

Location: USA


  • UML for designing of application diagram like use case diagrams, block diagram, high level diagram and low level diagrams.
  • Proof of concept for design documents.
  • Writing unit test cases.
  • Image processing from ultrasound.
  •  Working on shared memory.
  •  CUDA programming.
  • Developing advanced level programming in C++ including shared pointers, multi threading, thread synchronization, multi-processing, concurrency, and TCP/IP Socket Programming.
  • Developing  data structures and algorithms.
  • Developing Android applications, services.
  • Developing Language translations in runtime and custom translation for specific text based on client requirement.
  • Working in shared libraries.
  • Working in database programing using SQL.
  • Executing unit test cases.
  • Using PerForce for source code control, followed Agile and Scrum Methodologies.
  • Participating in code reviews.
  • Ability to investigate, troubleshoot and identify solutions to issues during development.
  • Utilizes necessary tools to measure software performance.
  • Writing python script files.
  • Executing Behavior Driven Development & Testing(BDD) with Squish for implemented features.
  • Establish jenkins build setup for continuous integration and build manage for daily builds for QA, production release.
  • Debugging and bug fixing the issues that are identified.

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