Full Stack Development Lead

Designation: Developer

Location: USA

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree


  • Working in Agile Environment and leading Scrum and its teams based on goals.
  • Lead the project with Full stack technical skills and acts as an interface between the team and the project stakeholders.
  • Team meeting where the progress of the project and any kind of show stoppers will be discussed. This will help the team to monitor closely if there are any dependencies from other teams or any road blocks that needs to be taken care of for the smooth progress of the project.
  • As an Full Stack Technical Lead, the beneficiary give update regarding the Design and approval status of each interface in the current sprint to the Scrum master/Project manager
  • Participate in Sprint planning and backlog grooming.
  • Retrospection after each sprint to improve the Integrity of application
  • Create/Write User stories in JIRA based on changes in acceptance criteria after the handshake with other components of the architecture
  • Engage daily, weekly and Monthly status review meeting with key customer stakeholders – Managers, Directors and senior directors.

Bachelor’s Degree required in Science or related field.

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