Digital Transformation

The game's rules are quickly evolving, and digital masters are playing to win. With the advent of digital transformation, businesses are pausing to review everything they do, from internal operations to in-person and online customer encounters. Modern technologies, including artificial intelligence and the internet of things, are revolutionizing how businesses generate value. For today's digital needs, i3 Infotech can be your trusted digital transformation partner to spark business innovation. We anchor your digital initiatives using combined forces of cloud, data, analytics, ai, and automation.

Our four service pillars for Digital Transformation


Automate monotonous tasks and eliminate human errors. Obtain real-time data and updates from IoT devices and maintain data records without manual feeding. We assess your end-to-end automation needs and come out with contextual solution approaches that fit your business requirements. Through our end-to-end automation services, we streamline and modernize your processes for operational efficiency.

Data, Analytics & AI

Our data, analytics and ai services help you outperform with decisions that are informed and precise. We decode the science of data to bring meaningful insights that cultivate the culture of a data-driven ecosystem. Predict and depict early to sharpen your business decisioning.


Enhance security, scalability, compliance, and flexibility of your data and applications using Cloud. Our service expertise lies in cloud roadmap assessments, cloud migration, cloud transformation, cloud managed services, and more. Through our partnerships with leading cloud providers, we unleash the power of the cloud to conquer your digital ambitions.

Enterprise Applications

We help you implement, upgrade, integrate, support, and maintain your mission-critical enterprise applications. Our solution strategies enable you to be at the forefront of digital transformation.