Testing by the Software Developer

What to know

Software testing entails running software products under known conditions with defined inputs and documented outcomes that can be compared to their predefined expectations. It is a time consuming, difficult, and imperfect activity. As such, it requires early planning in order to be effective and efficient.

How we can help

Software Developer testing offerings include:

  • Test Planning
  • Structural Test Case Identification
  • Functional Test Case Identification
  • Traceability Analysis – Testing
    • Unit (Module) Tests to Detailed Design
    • Integration Tests to High Level Design
    • System Tests to Software Requirements
  • Unit (Module) Test Execution
  • Integration Test Execution
  • Functional Test Execution
  • System Test Execution
  • Acceptance Test Execution
  • Test Results Evaluation
  • Error Evaluation/Resolution
  • Final Test Report