What to know

In the design process, the software requirements specification is translated into a logical and physical representation of the software to be implemented. The software design specification is a description of what the software should do and how it should do it. Due to complexity of the project or to enable persons with varying levels of technical responsibilities to clearly understand design information, the design specification may contain both a high-level summary of the design and detailed design information. The completed software design specification constrains the programmer/coder to stay within the intent of the agreed upon requirements and design. A complete software design specification will relieve the programmer from the need to make ad hoc design decisions.

How we can help

Our services during the design phase include:

  • Updated Software Risk Analysis
  • Traceability Analysis - Design Specification to Software Requirements (and vice versa)
  • Software Design Evaluation
  • Design Communication Link Analysis
  • Module Test Plan Generation
  • Integration Test Plan Generation
  • Test Design Generation (module, integration, system, and acceptance)