Optimizing healthcare delivery

What to know

Analytics can help greatly reduce the cost of effective healthcare delivery. The in-depth study of billing and clinical data can uncover trends relating to room usage and resource availability, providing insights toward more efficient, timely, and cost-effective care to patients.

How we can help

Our life sciences analytics experts undertake the following activities
  • Time series analytics of performance measures layered over benchmark metrics to quickly identify areas of operational gaps and related revenue loss.
  • Look at past discharge records to find correlation to re-admissions, and find cause and effect events that can be minimized going forward.
  • Predict expected patient loads from historical data, current conditions, and other known factors to arrive at optimal staff allocations.
  • Seasonal (e.g. flu) or event-based (e.g. holidays) patterns can be accounted for in advance, thus ensuring the right amount of people, equipment, and medicine are available when needed.