Analytics in Healthcare

Our Analytics Expertise Helps You Gather Actionable Insights

Drug development

Experience has been found that almost 90% of all the investigative new drugs (IND) fail to reach market. Further, only one-tenths of that achieve revenue expectations.

The impediments to success

The average cost to bring an IND to market is ~$2.5B1. There are various barriers that come in the way of drug development success such as very low (<5%) participation of patient population in clinical trials, increasing trial complexity, etc.

Our analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise can provide drug makers some much needed relief

Analytics and AI need to be embedded in all the standard business processed by drug makers. I3Infotek’s advanced analytics and AI expertise facilitates high clinical trial success so drug makers can achieve desired success coupled with reasonable time-to-market and improved realizations.

The various areas of healthcare where analytics and AI can help include:

  • Discovery / Disease Prevention (Drug development / Genetics and genomics)
  • Administration (Optimizing healthcare delivery)
  • Patient-tech interface (wearables, diagnostics, medical image analysis, predictive medicine, virtual care)

How We Can Help

Discovery / Disease Prevention

Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) has long been the standard of conduct for life sciences companies in their efforts to bring new therapies to the marketplace.


Look at past discharge records to find correlation to re-admissions, and find cause and effect events that can be minimized going forward.

Patient – tech Interface

Apply Deep Learning techniques to medical images for improved interpretation and accelerated identification of disease states.